VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사

VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사


D-7 VISA_Intra-company Transferee VISA (D7 비자)

D-7 VISA_주재원비자 (D7 비자)

Intra-company Transferee (D-7 VISA)(주재원 비자)

1. Eligible Individuals:

1) A person who  has worked at the headquarters office, branch office or local office of a foreign public institution, organization or company for at least 1 year; and is going to be transferred to the affiliate, subsidiary, branch office or local office situated in the Republic of Korea as an 'indispensable professional specialist'.

However, you are excluded from this category if you are considered as an eligible applicant for the Corporate Investor (D-8) visa.

1-year-of work experience is not required if: (1) you will be working in the ROK's key industries or for the national projects; or (2) it is deemed necessary by the Minister of Justice.

2) A person who has worked at overseas corporations or branch offices of listed enterprises (including KOSDAQ-listed enterprises) or Korean public companies for at least 1 year, and plans to receive or provide an on-the-job training or education for a professional skills/ techniques/knowledge in the headquarter or the main office.

(However, if the investment or operating fund of the Korean company for its overseas branch/local office is less than $500,000, you are excluded from this category.)  

2. Maximum Length of Stay:

2 years

3. Definitions of the Indispensable Professional Specialist:

1) Executive: Executive is defined as someone who primarily directs the management of the organization; exercises wide latitude in decision making; and receives only general supervision or direction from the board of directors or shareholders of the organization (an executive does not directly perform tasks related to the actual provision of the service of the organization).

2) Senior Manager: Senior Manager is defined as someone who is in charge of establishing and implementing goals and policies of the company or the department; has the authority to plan, direct and supervise; has the authority to recruit and dismiss or recommend recruiting, dismissing; and exercises supervisory and control function over other supervisory, managerial or professional staffs (not including first line supervisors, unless employees supervised are professional service suppliers, and employees who directly engages in supply of service) or exercises discretionary powers over their daily tasks.

3) Specialist: Specialist is defined as someone who possesses proprietary experience and knowledge at an advanced level of expertise essential to the research, design, techniques or management of the organization's service.




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Blog: Updated Korea VISA & Immigration Information-2020

30 Dec 2020

2021 E7-4 visa Information_Points based Skilled Workers’ VISA Korea 숙련기능인력 점수제 비자

2021 E7-4 visa Information_Points based Skilled Workers’ VISA 숙련기능인력 점수제 비자

It is under consideration so you may refer to Q4 2020 criteria. 

Higher points application (special quota) will be started from Jan. 1, 2021. 

General quota is the same as 2020 before the final criteria is released.

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D-7 visa_Intra-Company Transferee visa

D7 visa_Intra Company Transferee and its Requirements_

D7 visa is an intra-company transferee visa which the head office in overseas may dispatch a necessary personnel into Korea.

Through this lecture, you may check the requirements of D-7 visa.


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D-7-1 visa Korea, Intra-Company Transferee visa Application and Extension by Delegation 주재비자 주재원 비자

In line with the era of globalization, the overseas headquarters have opened branches (sales offices) and liaison offices in Korea, and dispatching professional manpower to Korea.

Except for foreign-invested corporations, essential professionals dispatched to domestic branches (sales offices) or liaison offices can enter and work in Korea by applying for visa issuance comfirmation application at the Immigration Office located in the domestic business location.

As such, D-7-1 visa, which is an Intra-Company Transferee visa, is the visa that dispatches essential professionals to Korea.

Recently, I applied for extension of the D-7-1 visa to the Immigration Office having jurisdiction over the location of the business location, and good result was obtained.

For D-7-1 visa, there are many important issues when applying for issuance for the first time, but the conditions are becoming more difficult even when extending.

In addition to obtaining D-7-1 visa, special care must be taken when extending it.

Our office deals with Application for VISA Issuance Confirmation as well as D-7-1 visa Extension by delegating us. 


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