VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사

VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사


D-8 VISA_Corporate/Foreign Investor VISA (기업투자비자)

D-8 VISA_FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) (투자비자)

D-8 VISA_Corporate/Foreign Investor VISA (FDI VISA)

1. Eligible Individuals:

1) (D8-1 visa) You have managed or run a foreign-invested Korean corporation* in accordance with the 'Foreign Investment Promotion Act' or you are an indispensable professional specialist** planning to engage in production and the technology parts of a foreign-invested company'

* Including a company that is in the midst of establishing process.
** Excluding an employee hired in Korea.

2) (D8-2 visa) You are among those who have established a business venture with excellent technical capability, for example, by possessing an industrial property right or intellectual property right, in accordance with Subparagraph 2(c), Paragraph 1, Article 2-2 of the Act on 'Special Measures for the Promotion of Business Venture'. Also, you have received a confirmation of business venture as the CEO of a particular company or the CEO of a company which is considered to have excellent skills, in accordance with the aforementioned Act.

3) (D8-3 visa) In accordance with the 'Foreign Investment Promotion Act', you are an indispensable professional specialist who wants to work and manage a foreign invested company owned by a Korean national (corporation) or to work in technology and production sectors of that company.*

* Excluding an employee hired in Korea

4) (D8-4 visa: Technology Startup visa) You have an associated degree in Korea or bachelor's degree in overseas or have recommended by the head of the relevant central administrative agency and a founder of a corporation, who has either an intellectual property right or equivalent skills.

2. Maximum Length of Stay:

1) D-8-1 visa (Incorporated Enterprise Investment): 5 years.

2) D-8-3 visa (Unincorporated Private Enterprise Investment): 5 years.

3) D-8-2 visa (Business Venture Investment): 2 years.

4) D-8-4 visa (Technology and Business Startup): 2 years.

3. Basic Procedures to Apply for D8-1 visa:

1) Foreign direct investment report
2) Establishing bank account for FDI
3) Transferring investment amount
4) Establishing corporate
5) Registration of business
6) Registration of foreign investment certificate
7) Application for D8-1 visa at Immigration Office



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