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VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사


Blog: Updated Korea VISA & Immigration Information-2020

16 Sep 2020

D2visa D10 visa

D2visa D10 visa

D 2비자 유학생이 구직비자 D10 1비자 변경하고 파트타임에서 일할 수 있나요?

Q. D-2비자를 가지고 있는 유학생입니다. 얼마 전에 서울에 있는 대학교를 졸업하고 학사학위를 받았습니다. 구직비자인 D10-1 비자로 변경하려고 합니다. D10-1비자로 변경하기 전에 파트타임으로 일을 할 수 있는지요?

A. D2비자는 유학비자입니다. 대학교를 졸업하고 구직비자인 D10-1비자로 변경하고 취업을 할 수 있는 E7-1비자로 변경합니다. D10-1비자는 D2비자와 다른 점이 많이 있으며, D10-1비자의 취업 (파트타임 포함)은 꼭 중요한 부분을 확인해 보셔야 합니다.

자세한 정보는 유튜브 채널에서 확인해 보세요


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16 Sep 2020

Visitors’ List at Immigration Office 출입국사무소 방문자 명부 작성

Visitor’s list at Immigration Office

Visitor’s list at Immigration Office

From September 15, 2020, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, when visiting the immigration office, you MUST fill out the visitors' list.

1. Period: 
September 15, 2020 (Tuesday)

2. Target: 
All visitors such as reserved visitors, companions, and general visitors except immigration officers.

3. Methods and procedures:
-The visitors write the mobile phone number on the note and puts it directly into the box provided.
-It will be sealed and stored immediately after the end of the day.
-After 4 weeks, if there is no abnormality such as infected visitors on each day, it will be destroyed immediately.

4. Items to be written:
Visiting time/place of residence (Si, Gun, Gu-district only)/mobile phone number/consent to collection and use of personal information

Sourced by Hi Korea

2020년 9월 15일부터 코로나 19 확산 방지를 위해 출입국사무소 방문 시, 출입자 명부를 작성해야 합니다.

1. 기간: 2020년 9월 15일 (화요일)

2. 대상: 예약방문자, 동반자, 일반방문자 등 출입국 직원을 제외한 모든 출입자

3. 방법 및 절차:
-출입자가 쪽지에 휴대전화번호 등을 작성하여 비치된 박스에 직접 투입합니다.
-일과시간 종료 즉시 밀봉하여 보관하게 됩니다.
-4주후 각 해당일 방문자의 확진 등 이상 없음이 확인되면 바로 파쇄합니다.

4. 작성항목:
방문시간/거주지 (시, 군, 구만기재)/휴대전화번호/개인정보 수집 및 활용에 동의

출처: #하이코리아

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15 Sep 2020
14 Sep 2020
13 Sep 2020
Its reallt easy to understand. Could i have detail information about d2 visa to f2-7 visa.
12 Sep 2020

Zoom VISA & Immigration Consulting

Zoom VISA & Immigration Consulting

Hello, I'm JANG, Man-Ik from VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사, a registered Korea visa and immigration specialist in Korea.

For those who have difficulty in face-to-face visa consulting due to Corona 19, we provide consulting through Zoom.

YOUTUBE Channel at

There are many people who feel difficulties visiting our office on weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays for a consultation.

Therefore, if you would like to receive a charged visa consultation via Zoom video call, please contact us.

You can make a video call through Zoom, and we can share data for a more detailed explanation.

**Basic Procedures**

If you make a reservation for consultation with my mobile phone number (Mr. Jang's Cell No.: 010-6383-3078) and pay the consultation fee (KRW 50,000-30 minutes), a link to receive Zoom video consultation at a fixed time will be provided.

I think that even those who are far away from us will be helpful through a professional Zoom video VISA consulting.

Thank you.

Youtube Channel (Click)

Mr. JANG, Man-Ik

Registered Immigration Specialist

VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사

#expats #foreigner #zoom #zoom_consulting #visa_consulting #Korea_visa #visainkorea #장행닷컴 #visa_change #visa_extension

12 Sep 2020
4 Sep 2020

 Exemption from Penalty for Violating the Application for Reissuance of Permanent Residence Card (F5 visa) 

  << Exemption from Penalty for Violating the Application for Reissuance of Permanent Residence Card (F5 visa) >>

Penalty fines will be waived for those who fail to apply for a renewal of their permanent residence card within the period due to difficulties in entering Korea such as COVID-19 or diseases etc.

❍ Penalties are waived for those who apply for their permanent residence card renewal within 30 days after entering Korea.

-(Eligible Person) Those who have not been able to apply for their permanent residence card within the period due to difficulties in entering Korea due to reasons such as #COVID19, illness, etc., among those 10 years after obtaining permanent resident status.

* Foreigners who have passed 10 years after obtaining permanent resident status must apply for re-issuance of their permanent residence card within 2 years from September 21, 2018, or for foreigners who have not passed 10 years after acquiring permanent resident status, they must apply for a renewal of their permanent residence card within 2 years from the date 10 years have passed.

※ However, those who have lost their permanent residence status after the re-entry permit (exemption) period (2 years) has passed are excluded.In other words, a foreigner holding a permanent resident status (F-5 visa) must enter Korea within 2 years after leaving the country, but the permanent resident status of a foreigner who fails to enter Korea after that period will be lost.

-(Method) In addition to the documents related to reissuance of the permanent residence card, you must visit the competent local immigration/foreigner office within 30 days and apply for a renewal report.

-(Procedure) After confirming the eligible persons' entry/exit records and documents that can clarify the inevitable reason such as illness (e.g medical certificate, etc.), the penalty will be exempted.

❍ Effective date: September 25, 2020 (Fri)

VISA in KOREA장행닷컴행정사

#expats #foreigner #koreavisa #visakorea #visainkorea #f5visa #permanent_residence #영주권 #영주증 #영주증갱신신고

3 Sep 2020

우수인재 복수국적 제도 Multiple (Dual) Citizenship for Outstanding Talent

What is the Multiple Citizenship for Outstanding Talent (the MCOT)?

Based upon the assessment of the Nationality Review Committee, the Multiple Citizenship for Outstanding Talent (hereinafter the MCOT) allows an individual to obtain Korean citizenship while keeping his/her foreign nationality when s/he has a certain ability, skill or expertise in an eligible segment, including the sciences, economy and the arts, and his/her contribution can be of benefit to the Republic of Korea.

Who is entitled?

To be eligible, you must

① be a renowned or prominent figure

② be recognized with exceptional achievements in academia and research

③ have extraordinary abilities in arts and culture

④ have outstanding abilities in sport

⑤ be in a profession in national, international business or foreign investors pursuant to the Foreign Investment Promotion Act

⑥ be in a profession in the fields that have emerged or involve cutting-edge technologies

⑦ have his/her own original technology in industries pertaining to emerging, up-to-date technologies or the sciences

⑧ be an intellectual property holder—either national or international

⑨ have certain expertise and skill regarding a particular segment

⑩ have work experience in an international entity

※ An applicant who meets one of the conditions regarding disorderly conduct, prescribed in Article 5 (2) of the Nationality Act, will be denied review for DCSOT.

What documents are required?

① An applicant should submit an application at an Immigration Office or a diplomatic mission.

② The Nationality Review Committee will review and discuss to draw a decision, and then conduct an interview for naturalization applicants. The Minister of Justice then will permit naturalization or restoration of one’s citizenship. (For an applicant who wishes to restore his/her Korean citizenship, his/her interview will be waived.)

③ When completing taking oaths of fidelity and not to exercise foreign citizenship and receiving a nationality certificate altogether, one will be considered a legitimate dual citizenship holder. 

What documents are required?

① Detailed Statement for MCOT

② Necessary documents according to Article 3 (Application forms and attached documents for naturalization) or Article 6 (Application forms and attached documents for recovery of nationality) of the Nationality Enforcement Decree

- application for naturalization permit

- application for nationality recovery permit

- documents proving one's foreign identity

- Family Relations Notice

- Basic certificate (detail)

- pathological certificate (submitted only to the subject)

※ Have all documents issued in a language other than Korean translated into either Korean or English. When the credibility of documents lodged should be demonstrated, you will be asked to provide an apostille or authentication by a mission

What is a point system for DCOT?

An individual who falls short of income and other basic criteria will still be afforded the opportunity to be reviewed by the Committee if s/he gets 70 points or higher based on the quantified values of potential growth of emerging industries, expected contributions to the Korean community and other elements.

* Emerging industries include categories engaging system semiconductor, bio-health, autonomous vehicles, and Artificial Intelligence(AI)

What are the factors listed in the points system?

① Koreans employed ② Tax payments ③ Export Performance

④ National or international academic credentials ⑤ Contributions to the community ⑥ Letter of Recommendation ⑦ Volunteer time ⑧ Long-term legal stay

See more details on VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사 Blog

1 Sep 2020

"I had a shorter period of stay than the original remaining period of F2-7 visa"

  "I had a shorter period of stay than the original remaining period of F2-7 visa"  

The extension of F2-7 visa is getting more difficult.

Or, when you extend your F2-7 visa, you may be given a shorter period of stay than the remaining period of stay because you do not meet the extension conditions.

For example, the original period of stay of some F2-7 visa holders is until December 1, but their application for extension has not been permitted and the period expires in October 1.

As previously explained, before applying for an extension for F2-7 visa, you need to review your current situation in depth.

You can apply for an extension from 4 months before the expiration of the period of stay, but if you do not meet the conditions of the extension, you may be granted a shorter period than the remaining period of stay.  

Kindly check your current status and your conditions prior to visiting Immigration Office.

28 Aug 2020

Application of Extension of Status of Stay for Departure (출국을 위한 기간 연장)


1. Extension of the Period of Stay for Departure (출국을 위한 기간연장) is allowed up to 60 days, and 60 days of Postponement of the Termination Of Departure (출국기한유예) has already been implemented.

2. Fully online application for Extension of the Period of Stay for Departure has implemented and you shall apply it through the Internet (Hi Korea webpage). 

3. Effective date is from from September 1st.

** In other words, if you extend your Extension of the Period of Stay for Departure, you shall apply it through Internet. 

Do not visit Immigration Office for application of Extension of the Period of Stay for Departure. 

1. 출국을 위한 체류기간 연장 최대 60일을 허용하고, 출국기한유예 60 일은 이미 시행되고 있습니다;

2. 출국기간연장 허가 신청은 전면 온라인 (하이코리아)으로 신청해야 하며, 출입국 방문신청 불가합니다.

3. 인터넷, 하이코리아를 통한 출국기간연장 신청은 9월 1일부터 시행됩니다.

**출국을 위한 기간연장을 위해서는 출입국사무소를 방문하지 말고, 하이코리아 웹페이지를 통해 신청하시기 바랍니다.

#expats #foreigner #출국기간연장 #출국기한유예 #하이코리아 #hikorea #visainkorea
21 Aug 2020

71st TOPIK Test Cancellation 71회 토픽 한국어능력시험 취소 

Information on cancellation and refund application for the 71st TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) (domestic)
As the government's quarantine measures in the Seoul metropolitan area and Busan related to COVID-19 are strengthened, this is to inform you that the 71st TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean), which was scheduled to be implemented on Aug. 23, 2020 (Sunday), has been completely canceled.

Kindly visit the TOPIK site and follow the refund procedures.

제71회 한국어능력시험(국내) 시행 취소 및 환불 신청 안내
「코로나19」 관련 수도권, 부산 등을 중심으로 정부의 방역조치가 강화됨에 따라 8. 23.(일) 시행예정이던 제71회 한국어능력시험이 전면 취소되었음을 알려드립니다.
20 Aug 2020

Ban Street rallies gatherings to 10 or more people from 21st of August, 2020

The Seoul metropolitan government has announced a plan to ban street rallies of 10 or more people across the capital amid mounting concerns over a resurgence in new coronavirus cases here.

The ban on gatherings of 10 or more people is equivalent to the government's step 3 of social distancing.

See more details on The Korea Times

서울시는 21일부터 30일까지 서울시 전지역에서 10명 이상이 모이는 모든 집회를 전면 금지한다고 금일 20일에 발표했습니다.

10명 이상 집회 금지는 정부의 사회적 거리두기 3단계에 준하는 조치입니다.

12 Aug 2020

What are Basic Requirements & Regular Worker's meaning for F5-10 VISA?

The F-5-10 visa is a visa that can be applied by foreigners who have a bachelor's degree in high-tech industry*, a master's degree in general field or higher, and a technical certificate and are employed by domestic companies.

*High-tech industries: IT, Technology management, Nano, Digital Electronics, Bio, Transportation and Machinery, New Materials, Environment and Energy etc.

The basic requirements of the F-5-10 visa are: 1) The period of stay in Korea shall be at least 3 years, 2) You need to hold a bachelor's degree (in high-tech industries) or master's degree or higher or technical certificate, 3) You shall have been working as a full-time worker for at least 1 year, 4) You shall have completed KIIP Stage 5 Completion & Pass the test, 5) Your income in the previous year shall be at least GNI (Gross National Income: KRW 37,356,000 won as of 2019).

In other words, you shall meet basic requirements, such as a period, degree, years of working, Korean language proficiency, and a certain level of income to apply for F-5-10 visa.

If so, what does it mean that you have been in Korea for more than 3 years and have been working in a company as a regular employee for more than 1 year?

1. The period of stay in Korea shall be 3 years or longer:

It means that the period of staying after working in Korea with an overseas degree or technical certificate or obtaining a master's degree in Korea shall be at least 3 years.

In other words, an overseas degree or technical certificate holder needs a period of 3 years from the period of employment in Korea, and if a master's degree is obtained from a domestic graduate school, 3 years shall pass from the date of obtaining the degree*.

*In the case of a master's degree, if the thesis is not completed even after graduation, a period of 3 years must elapse from the date of obtaining the degree, not the date of graduation.

However, when calculating 3 years from the date of employment or degree acquisition, if you stay abroad for less than 3 months, it is recognized as the period of stay in Korea.

2. Have Been Working as a full-time Regular Employment for at least 1 Year:

(1) 'Regular Employment (정규직)':

The concept of 'Regular Employment (=Regular Worker=정규직)' is not easy to explain. This is because in most cases, foreign workers fill out an employment contract and specify the period of employment.

Therefore, in order to be recognized as a 'Regular Employment', 1) it shall be marked as a ' Regular Employment' in the employment contract or 2) the company shall issue a confirmation letter for 'Regular Employment (=정규직 확인서)'.

However, it is wondering that you are a actual 'Regular Employment' as marked your employment type is 'Regular Employment' on your employment contract or as your company issues a confirmation letter for 'Regular Employment'?

It is important to keep in mind that the date of the national employment insurance subscription (=국민고용보험) for the foreign workers under the 4 major insurance policies list (=4대보험가입자명부) will be considered as the beginning of the 'Regular Employment' working day.  

(2) Have Been Working for more than 1 Year:

The guidelines state that if the workplace of a domestic company is changed, it is possible to add up the working period of the past workplace when you calculate the total working period to meet 1 year, but in practice, it is interpreted as 'You shall have been working for 1 year or more at the company where you are currently working'.

Therefore, in order to meet the condition of 'working for more than 1 year', you need to understand and prepare that 'working for more than 1 year in your current company continuously'.  

Also, the condition of 'working' means that you can apply for an F-5-10 visa while you are currently working at your current company.

In other words, if a foreigner is doing business (=self employed), he or she is not working for a company, so he or she does not meet the conditions to apply for an F-5-10 visa.  

*It is important to note that, even if all the requirements of F-5-10 visa are met, permanent residency may be revoked if a sentence of imprisonment or higher is confirmed or if you violated the laws within the last 5 years.*  

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