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VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사


Blog: Updated Korea VISA & Immigration Information-2020

9 Aug 2020

Permanent Resident Status for Foreigners with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees (F5-10 Visa)-Part 1 (Degree)

Permanent Resident Status for Foreigners with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees (F5-10 Visa)-Part 1 (Degree)

The F5-10 visa is a permanent resident visa that can be applied if a foreigner with a bachelor's degree or a technical certificate stays in Korea for 3 years or more and continues to work for more than 1 year.

The F5-10 visa requires several important requirements, and one of the most important is the degree.

1. Degree:

A degree is a 1) bachelor's degree obtained in a high-tech field acquired in a foreign country or 2) a bachelor of science or engineering obtained from a domestic university or a 3) master's degree obtained after completing a regular course at a domestic graduate school. It is also eligible for the F5-10 visa.

If so, the concept of a bachelor of science or engineering degree obtained from a domestic university or a master's degree obtained from a graduate school in Korea is:

1) Is it only obtained a degree while holding a D-2 visa (International Student Visa) or

2) Is it accepted if you obtained your degree while working in Korea?

If a degree obtained in Korea is accepted, you will be wondering whether it is applicable to all universities or graduate schools.

(1) D-2 visa holders:

If foreign nationals who have graduated from the science and engineering department at a domestic university and have obtained a bachelor's degree or higher, you meet the degree requirement for an F5-10 visa.

Science and Engineering refers to the field or scope related to the academic system of science and engineering, and refers to Natural Sciences and (or) engineering.

(2) Can foreign nationals apply for an F5-10 visa after awarded a bachelor's degree (science and engineering) or a master's degree (regardless of major) while working in Korea (E1~E7 visa, F2 visa, etc.)?

An important word to find the answer to this question is the scope of universities and graduate schools.

In order to explain this correctly, it is necessary to complete the 'Regular Course in Korea with the requirements for studying abroad (D-2)'.

‘*D-2 requirements (D-2비자 요건)’ and ‘Regular Courses (정규과정)’ are most important when choosing a university or graduate school.

Therefore, please refer to Cyber University (사이버대학교), College of Broadcasting and Communication (방송통신대학교) etc., as they are not subject to the ‘Study Requirements and Regular Course’ for applying for F5-10 visa.




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Is it possible to change to any F 5 visa from E 7-4? If possible, then what are the requirements?
VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사
Hi Shahin Md Nurnabi: E7-4 visa is the only way from change your E-9 visa. I think you need to re-enter with E-9 visa through Special CBT or sincere worker system. Then, try to F5-10 visa after obtaining your E7-4 visa.

Deepak: 독학사는 F5-10비자를 신청할 수 없습니다. 한글와 영어로 F5-10비자에 대해 설명해 놓았으니, 참조하세요. 기술자격증으로 F-5-10비자를 신청하는 경우에는 처음에 한국에 입국할 때, 해당 자격증으로 E-7-1비자를 받고 들어와야 합니다. E-9비자 근로자는 해당이 안 됩니다.
Please also post about F-5-15 for Phd graduates
would you plz explain the condition od technical certificate.which level certificate and is it ok from abroad or need korean certificate ?
Thank you. Hope F5-15 is next!
So disappointing immigration policies on F5-10 visa.. How a full time worker fullfil all requirements specially KIIP. Before this visa requirements was so simple excluding KIIP for professionals. What the difference here in comparison to other visa and maintain all above requirements which is mostly similar as compare to other similar visas.
학사없이 기술자격중로 e7-4에서 f5-10 갈수있나요 (e7-4로 5년후)
독학사 하고 e7-4 에서 f-5-10 가능해요??
Shahin Md Nurnabi
I am a E9 visa holder. I am working a towel company for 3 years. I have 4 years Bachelors degree in History. I completed Korean social integration program level 4 . Can I eligible for applying F5-10 visa?
Hope your cordial response
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