VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사

VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사


F-2 VISA_Resident VISA (F2 비자_거주비자)

F-2 VISA (F2 비자)

F-2 VISA_Resident VISA

1. Range of Activities:

You want to stay in Korea for a long period of time in order to receive the Permanent Resident status.

2. Eligible Applicants:

A. (F2-3 visa) You are a foreign-born child of Korean national, or you are a spouse or a child of someone who has F-5 Resident status;

B. (F2-2 visa) You are a child born between a Korean parent and a foreign national (including the de facto marriage) and recognized by the Minister of Justice;

C. (F2-4 visa) You have been granted 'refugee' status;

D. (F2-5 visa) You are an investor by the definition of Foreign Investment Promotion Act, and meet any of the conditions below:

1) You are a foreigner who has invested at least US$500,000 while you have stayed in Korea on a D-8 Corporate Investment visa for 3 years or more.

2) You are an executive of a foreign company which has invested at least US$500,000 in accordance with the「Foreign Investment Promotion Act」and you have stayed in Korea for 3 years or more.

3) You are a foreigner who has invested at least US$300,000 or more and hired at least 2 people.

E. (F2-9 visa) You have lost your F-5 Permanent Resident status, but considering your living circumstances in Korea related to human rights, the Minister of Justice has recognized your need to continue to stay in Korea (those who are deported are not eligible in this category);

F. (F2-99 visa) You have stayed and settled down in Korea on a visa outside of A-1 to A-3 for at least 7 years in which the Minister of Justice recognizes. However, for those who have E-1 professorship to E-5 Professional employment or E-7 Special Occupation status, the minimum period of stay shall be 5 years.

G. (F2-6 visa→F2-99 visa) You are engaged in employment on an E-9 Non-professional employment, E-10 Vessel Crew or H-2 Working Visit visa, and you have been engaged in employment for at least 4 years within the past 10 years on a visa designated by the Minister of Justice while meeting all conditions listed below:

1) You have licenses for a particular set of skills or capacities recognized by the Minister of Justice or you are getting compensation in exchange of your services (Types of skills licenses and wage standards are announced by the Minister of Justice after internal discussions/consultations with a relevant department head).

2) You have assets worth above a particular amount designated by the Minister of Justice 3) You are considered an adult under the Korean Civil Law and have basic qualities and understandings in Korean culture in Korea.

H. (F2-11 visa) You are hired as a civil servant in accordance with the 'National Civil Servant Act' or 'Local Civil Servant Act' and accredited by the Minister of Justice;

I. (F2-7 visa) You meet all criteria such as age, education, income, which are designated by the Minister of Justice;

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J. (F2-12 visa) You have invested in assets such as real estates in designated investment region, products, and amounts announced by the Minister of Justice;

K. (F2-17 visa & F2-81 visa) You are a child or a spouse of a person eligible for I and J.  

3. Maximum Length of Stay:

5 years.



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A revised F2-7 visa policy will be implemented from December 1, 2010.

Also, if you hold F2-7 visa, you need to check your points again. However, there is a transitional regulation.

**Transitional Regulation**

If you are legally staying with your F2-7 visa, you can apply for extension of the period of stay by meeting the requirements of the pre-revised notice criteria (current criteria) for 1 (one) year from the effective date.

우수인재 거주비자 (F2-7 비자) 조건이 2020년 12월 1일부터 시행됩니다.

이번 우수인재 거주비자는 소득에 중점을 두고 있는 것 같습니다.

다만, 이번에 개정된 F2-7 비자는 금년 12월 1일 이전에 접수된 경우에는 기존 지침점수대로 반영을 하게 됩니다. 

연장하는 경우에는 이미 F2-7비자를 소지하고 있는 외국인은 1년 간의 경과규정이 적용되어, 내년 11월 30일까지는 기존 규정이 적용됩니다.

(*다만, 연장시에도 80점은 반드시 넘어야 합니다.)

F2-7비자 (F2-7 visa) Criteria

[F2-99 VISA]  Requirement for F-2-99 VISA  income (GNI*1 income??) 

[F-2-99 Visa] Application requirements and income when applying for F2-99 visa: other long-term residence visa 

F2-99 visa requirements are as follows: 1) Eligible status of residence, 2) without violating the laws of Korea, 3) staying over 5 years 4) in Korea continuously, 5) living base in Korea with Korean language ability, 6) independent living in Korea (Income).

In other words, F-2-99 visa is a long-term residence visa that foreigners who have obtained the 6 conditions (requirements) described above can apply.

1. Eligibility for application:
Not all foreigners residing in Korea can apply for a long-term residence visa, and they must be living in Korea with the applicable status of stay to apply for a change to a residence visa through the change of status of stay.

The types of visas that can apply to change to the F2-99 visa are as follows:

D-1 visa (Korean Arts and Culture), D-5 visa (Journalist), D-6 visa (Religious Worker), D-7 visa (Intra-Company Transferee), D-8 visa (Corporate/Foreign Investor), D-9 visa (International Trade), E-6-1 visa & E-6-3 visa (Arts & Performances), F-1 visa (Family Visitor), F-3 visa (Dependent Family) ,  E-1 visa (Professor), E-2 visa (Foreign Language Instructor), E-3 visa (Researcher), E-4 visa (Technical Instructor/Technician), E-5  visa (Professional), E-7 visa (Foreign National of Special Ability)

2. Not to violate Korean law:
From January 2, 2020, requirements for conduct such as compliance with laws and regulations in Korea have been added, and foreigners who violate the certain laws will not be able to apply for F2-99 visa.

3. Staying in Korea for at least 5 years:
If you re-enter the country within one month after leaving the country, it is considered as staying in Korea continuously.

If you receive permission to change your status of stay within the scope of the application for F-2-99 visa, you can calculate the period of stay by summing up the period of stay for each status of stay.

For example, if you stay for 4 years with F-1 visa, 2 years with E-7 visa, 1 year with D-8 visa, you can apply for the total period of stay. by adding up those visas period.

However, if you change to E-7 visa after 4 years of stay with D-2 visa that is not within the scope of applying for F-2-99 visa, the period of stay in Korea with D-2 visa is not counted. 

4. Living in Korea:
When changing from the current status of stay to F2-99 visa, you must apply for a visa change to the competent immigration office in Korea through the integrated application form.
If you are staying abroad at the time of applying for a visa change, you cannot apply.

5. Having living base in Korea (Korean proficiency):
As a requirement for a long-term stay in Korea, a written reason statment for applying for F2-99 visa is required, and the statement includes 1) immigration information, 2) livelihood support, 3) living base information, 4) the reason for wishing to continue living in Korea.

In addition, as a requirement to live in Korea for a long period of time, basic knowledge of Korean language is verified such as KIIP stage 4 completion or achieved 81 points or higher in KIIP pre-test result.

**6.  Possibility of independent living:
We will explain this part again later, but basically, the asset requirement is 30 million won or more, and the previous year's income shall be 12 times or more than 18 times the monthly minimum wage in the previous year under the'Minimum Wage Act', or GNI (Gross National Income) or GNI*1.5 times. 

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Rejecting Cases of F2-7 VISA Extension

Recently, when foreigners apply for the extension of F2-7 visa, there are many decisions to refuse extension.

Its rejection types are usually as follows:

1. Less than 80 points when extends:

When applying for an extension of F2-7 visa, the score must exceed 80 from January 2 of this year.

Documents related to income, age, degree, and Korean language proficiency must be submitted when extending documents except for special cases.

In particular, Korean-related TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) valid for 2 years, and if you do not pass the 5th stage of KIIP (Korea Integration & Immigration Program), the valid period of KIIP state 1 to stage 4 is usually 1 year.

Also, since the point for social service is only recognized for the past 3 years from the date of extension, please be sure to check this part.

2. NO or little income from the previous year:

Some of F2-7 visa holders often quit the company they were working for after receiving F2-7 visa and set up businesses for themselves.

However, even if you are running your own business, you must prove your income for the previous year when extending your F2-7 visa.

If you are a worker, you must submit a certificate of income amount related to earned income withholding tax certificate (or income certificate-for earned income earners), and in case of business, comprehensive income tax certificate (income  certificate-for comprehensive income earner).

3. GNI*1 income for F2-7 visa holders:

In addition, F2-7 visa holders must have a score of 80 or higher.

(1) In case where F2-7 visa holder has a score of 80 or more, but the previous year's income does not reach GNI*1 time:

In this case, the visa of the F2-7 visa holders is extended, but the spouse must change to an F-1-12 visa.
The F-1-12 visa is not permitted to do business or work in Korea, except for special circumstances or qualifications.
The spouse of F2-7 visa that has been changed to an F-1-12 visa once cannot change to F2-71 visa in the future.

(2) In case where F2-7 visa holder scored less than 80, but the previous year's income exceeded GNI*1 times:

Even if the previous year's income is high, if when apply for the extension of F2-7 visa and the score is less than 80, the extension is not possible.
If the extension is not possible, the deadline for departure will be set again and a decision for non-extension will occur.
In this case, you must leave the country unless there are special circumstances.

**In the case of the revised F2-7 visa, which will take effect from December 1 of this year, if the score does not reach 80 points after obtaining F2-7 visa, for subsequent extensions, the opportunity to change to D10-1 visa is given.

After changing to D10-1 visa, you can apply for F2-7 visa 3 years after changing to E-7 visa etc., (even if you are a graduate of a master's degree in Korea, you cannot change to F2-7 visa immediately unless there are special circumstances). 

However, for the current rule of F2-7 visa guidelines, there is no specific one to change D10-1 visa when your extension application for F2-7 visa is rejected.


Business Visa in Korea except for D8 visa or D9 visa

Business visa in Korea except for D-8 visa or D-9 visa

Business visa in Korea except for D-8 visa or D-9 visa

What are the visas for doing business in Korea Except for D8-1 visa and D9-1 visa?

-Hello, this is Manik Jang from VISA in KOREA. The topic of today's ZOOM consultation is the types of visas that can do business. My client has E2 visa. She is connected. Let's have a consultation. Hello?

-Yes, I have E-2 visa. I teach English to students in elementary school. I have been teaching English in Korea since 3 years ago. I want to open an English academy in Korea and do academy business. What kind of visa can I do business with?

-Yes, first of all, you can get D8-1 visa by investing 100 million won or more for a visa that can do business in Korea, or you can do a trade business by obtaining D9-1 point trade visa. You can do business by verifying your skills like a D8-4 visa. However, D8 visa and D9 visa are visas with specific characteristics. As now, you can change from E-2 visa to D8 visa or D9 visa, but I will explain except for D8 visa and D9 visa.


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All about F2-99 VISA Korea Extension_Income_GNI or 1.5 times of GNI_If you invited your spouse in Korea_VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사_

When you extend your F2-99 VISA, you need to prove your previous year's income based on your previous visa type before F2-99 VISA Acquisition.

There are 4 types of Income categories when you extend F2-99 VISA:

1. Basic monthly income*12
2. Basic monthly income*18
3. GNI*1
4. GNI*1.5

Also, there are 6 categories for previous visa types:

1. E1 visa~E7-1 visa
2. E7-1 visa (Designer)
3. E7-2 visa (Sales at Duty free shop, Chef)
4. E7-4 visa (welder, sea cucumber farmer)
5. F2-6 visa

Also, when you prove your Income, it shall be considered 1) staying in Korea alone or 2) staying in Korea with your spouse or/and children.

See more details on VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사 Youtube Channel


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한국어 강의 F2-99비자 연장 준비의 모든 것_연간소득_VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사

한국어 강의 F2-99비자 연장 준비의 모든 것_연간소득_VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사_

한국어 강의를 요청하셔서 영어 강의보다 훨~~~씬 긴 30분 강의를 올려 드립니다.

F2-99비자는 기타 장기 거주비자라고 합니다.

F2-99비자로 변경할 수 있는 비자는 E-1비자~E-7비자, D7비자, D8비자, D9비자, F-1비자, F-3비자 등이 있습니다.

(*다만, 변경할 수 있는 기간과 조건이 상이 하기 때문에 철처한 준비가 필요합니다.)

F2-99비자 연장에 대해서 올 해 2020년 1월 2일부터 지침이 변경되었지만, 아직까지 그 지침 내용을 알지 못하는 외국인들이 많이 있습니다.

특히, F2-99비자 연장 시 가장 중요하게 생각해야 하는 부분이 바로 "연간 소득"인데, 연간소득이란 전년도 1월 1일부터 12월 31일까지이 소득을 말하는데, 미리 준비하지 않으면 연장할 때 문제가 발생할 수 있습니다.

(*올해 1월 2일 이전에는 소득은 연장조건에 포함되지 않았습니다)

F2-99비자를 연장하기 위해 필요한 소득은 크게 4가지로 볼 수 있습니다.

1. 최저 월급*12
2. 최저 월급*18
3. GNI(국민총소득)*1
4. GNI(국민총소득)*1.5

F2-99비자를 변경하기 이전 비자와 개인, 가족과 같이 생활하고 있는 경우 등에 따라 F2-99비자를 연장할 때, 증명해야 하는 소득 기준이 다르기때문에 반드시 강의를 들으시고 미리 준비하시기 바랍니다.

궁금한 사항이 있으시면 VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사의 장만익 행정사에게 문의 바랍니다.



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F2-99 VISA_Residency VISA_Business Issues_VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사

F2-99 VISA_Residency VISA_Business Issues_VISA in KOREA 장행닷컴행정사_

F2-99 VISA is a long term Residency VISA which allows to work and business as far as we know.

If you are working at the same job category and you are holding F2-99 visa, you may work additionally and open your business at the related field of your working.

However, even if you hold F2-99 visa, you must check the possibility of your business at Immigration Office.

It means you need to get Business Permit from Immigration Office in advance.


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