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Blog: F-2 VISA Resident VISA Korea (F2 비자 거주비자: F2-7 VISA & F2-99 VISA)

20 Jan 2022

Notice for F-2-7 VISA Application Must Know Your Current Status 

Notice for F-2-7 VISA Application Must Know Your Current Status

I would like to explain the most important criteria to be considered when you apply for F-2-7 visa.

First, Contract
Second, Docs from overseas
Third, Income

Also, you must understand that when you apply for F-2-7 visa, you must consider your current visa shall be met the extension criteria.


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15 Jan 2022

한국어 출입국 강의 지침 변경 사항 강의 F-2-7비자 우수인재 점수제 비자 2021년 12월

한국어 출입국 강의 지침 변경 사항 강의 F-2-7비자 우수인재 점수제 비자 2021년 12월

작년 12월에 변경된 F-2-7 비자 지침 내용 중 1) 신청 제외 대상자, 2) 가점 항목 중 해외 우수 대학 확인 사항의 변경, 3) 소득에 대한 부분에 대한 상세한 설명을 하였습니다.

이전 F-2-7비자 강의는


#expats #foreigner #koreavisa #f2visa #f2비자 #거주비자 #외국인비자 #취업비자 #장행닷컴 #visainkorea

12 Jan 2022

F-2-7 VISA Updated Version 점수제 우수인재 (F-2-7 비자) 체류자격 변경 새로운 지침

F-2-7 VISA Updated Version 점수제 우수인재 (F-2-7 비자) 체류자격 변경 새로운 지침

Some of eligible applicants are added on a new F-2-7 VISA guideline. But it has not been released in public and only 1345 Immigration Contact Center holds it. Due to one of client’s comments, I found this new detailed and added criteria from 1345 today. Kindly review updated version of F-2-7 VISA. Point system is the same as Dec. 1, 2020 guideline but as I told you earlier, some of eligible applicants and detailed information has been added. See more details as below. Also, all applicants shall be obtained 80 points or higher except for Promising Outstanding Talented persons (Eligible person Part 5).

1. KOSPI or KODAQ listed Company Professionals:
It is the same as previous guideline such as i) making an employment contract with KOSPI or KODAQ listed company, ii) 80 points.

2. Promising Industrial Fields Professionals:
It is a newly added guideline. Promising industrial professionals refer to workers in industries such as IT, technology management, nano, digital electronics, biotechnology, transportation and machinery, new materials, environment and energy under Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Notice No. 2020, March 31, 2020 or those who have been confirmed to be employed at the above fields. Their yearly income shall be over GNI*1.5 or their yearly employment contact amount shall be GNI*1.5 or higher. Also, they need 80 points or higher.

3. Professional Occupation Fields Professionals:
Registered foreign nationals who are holding E-1 visa to E-7-1 visa or D-5 visa to D-9 visa. However, E-6-2, E-7-2, E-7-3, E-7-4 visa holders are NOT eligible. They need i) 80 points, ii) 3 years or more working continuously at that professional fields. However, if their yearly income is over 40 million won, there is no need to wait for 3 years. This new guideline has indicated non-eligible visa code such as E-6-2, E-7-2, E-7-3, E-7-4 in detail.

4-1. (Revised) International Talented persons:
If you have obtained master’s degree or higher within 5 years from the date of acquisition of academic degrees in Korea, you have been confirmed to being hired for or are working at the field of E-1 visa to E-7-1 visa or D-5 visa to D-9 visa. If you have domestic master’s degree or higher, you may apply for it even you haven’t had D-2 visa before. This new guideline has indicated non-eligible visa code such as E-6-2, E-7-2, E-7-3, E-7-4 in detail.

4-2. Outstanding Talents from Korean War Participated Countries:
Even if you are not confirmed to being hired, if your point is 80 or higher, you may apply for F-2-7 visa with a special point such as nationals of Korean war participated countries (20 points) and government recommendation (20 points). When you extend, a government recommendation point will not be granted so you need to meet 80 points or higher.

5. (Newly Added) Potential Outstanding Talented Person:
Eligible applicants who have obtained master’s or/and doctorate degree from science and engineering specialized universities and research institutes. If they are not confirmed to being hired, if they get a recommendation letter from the university or research institute’s president, it is possible to apply for F-2-7 visa even though they have less than 80 points. However, they must meet the 80 points or higher after 5 years from the date of permission to change their F-2-7 visa.

**Also, when you apply for F-2-7 visa, you MUST prepare for your home country’s criminal records with Apostille or Korean consular legalization within 3 months for the date of issuance of Apostille or Korean consular legalization. I have complained about this period a minute ago. Because some of countries’ Apostille processing period and arriving in Korea needs more than 3 months. So, I have requested about how about limiting within 6 months if the applicant stays in Korea continuously without leaving Korea after applying for Apostilled criminal records., etc.

** (Additional Point Section) Outstanding Universities rule changed: Times Higher Education selected Top 200 universities (previously 500 universities), or QS selected Top 500 universities. 

** (Deducted Point Section) Item of the invited person’s criminal facts in Korea has been deleted. 

** See more details as attached (Korean Language).


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27 Dec 2021

F-2-7 visa lecture with Mr Jang_Points based residency visa

It was great to have a lecture with Mr.Jang.

Those couldn't listen can watch from here:

p.s: thank you Mr.Jang for great lecture
23 Dec 2021

F2-7 VISA Spouse Invitation F-2-7 비자 배우자 초청 F-1-12 비자 VISA in KOREA

F2-7 VISA Spouse Invitation F-2-7 비자 배우자 초청 F-1-12 비자 VISA in KOREA

Invitation requirements for F-2-7 visa holder's Spouse staying in Home Country.

How to invite? or Are there any requirements?

Mr Jang explains current issues on F-2-7 visa and their Spouse invitations.

See more details. Also you may visit to Youtube Channel of VISA in KOREA at

25 May 2021

Why I cannot apply for F-2-7 VISA Directly from D-10-1 VISA?

Why I cannot apply for F-2-7 VISA Directly from D-10-1 VISA?

F-2-7 VISA systems makes us confusing a lot.
But one clear thing is you MUST check your current status of stay and previous visa types.

If someone held a master degree (D-2-3 VISA) and changed to D-10-1 VISA then converted D-10-1 VISA to E-7-1 VISA.

And then he/she quit his/her job and changed to D-10-1 VISA.

In this case, is he/she eligible for applying for F-2-7 VISA directly?

First of all, you MUST know that F-2-7 VISA requirements contain the requirements of E-7-1 VISA. So, if you are eligible for F-2-7 VISA, you shall check whether your company and your qualifications are met E-7-1 VISA Criteria, such as yearly income, number of Korean etc.

Secondly, even though your D-2-3 VISA period and D-10-1 VISA period were 3 years or more, if you had E-7-1 VISA after your graduation, you cannot apply for F-2-7 VISA directly from D-10-1 VISA, except for hiring by a KOSPI or KOSDAQ listed company with yearly income with 40 million won or higher.

Lastly, if you don't know F-2-7 VISA criteria while holding E-7-1 VISA and quit your job and currently holding D-10-1 VISA, Immigration doesn't care about your situation.

VISA in KOREA posts continuously about Immigration Policy changes.

Kindly keep checking our Page for newest updates on Korea Immigration & VISA policies.


#expats #Foreigners #visainkorea #장행닷컴 #e7 #e7visa #f2visa #f27visa #특정활동비자
20 Apr 2021

F-2-7 visa, points based residency visa for outstanding talents, Current Situation

Many foreign business owners are facing an abrupt end to their entrepreneurial careers, as sudden changes to how immigration offices are handling the F-2-7 visa are causing chaos.

2016년부터 시행된 우수인력점수제 거주비자인 F-2-7비자는 많은 혜택을 부여했습니다. 

점수제로 운영되는 해당 거주비자는 사업부터 취업에 제한이 없는 비자였습니다. 

하지만, 작년 12월 이후, 이전에 F-2-7비자를 받고 사업을 영위하던 외국인들은 이제 더 이상 해당 비자로 ‘사업’을 할 수 없게 되었습니다.

그 이유는 출입국관리법 시행령 제23조 ‘외국인의 취업과 체류자격’ 제2항 제1호’에 나온 ‘취업활동에 제한이 없다’ 중 ‘취업’의 범위에 ‘영리활동’인 사업은 포함이 안된다고 판단한 이유 때문인 것 같습니다.

문제는 해당 조항은 2016년 이후로 크게 변경된 것이 없고 (2018년 9월 18일 개정), F-2-7비자 소지자가 늘었던 2018년 이후에도 체류기간을 연장할 때, 관할 출입국외국인관서에서 문제 없이 사업을 용인하고 있었기 때문입니다.

이 때문에 몇 년을 준비하고 해당 거주비자로 변경한 외국인은 패닉에 빠져있는 상태입니다.

문제는, 외국인에게 혜택을 주는 출입국정책보다 혜택을 박탈하거나 제한하는 지침이 시행되기 이전에, 이에 대한 정당한 설명과 경과규정을 두어 해당 시행령을 시행하면 불이익을 받을 외국인이 미리 사업을 정리하는 방법을 통해서 권리를 구제받아야 하는데, 아쉽게도 아무런 지침을 확인할 수 없는 상황입니다.

언제, 어떻게 ‘영리(사업)’활동을 할 수 없게 된 것인지도 모르게 체류기간 연장 시, 이러한 사업등을 할 수 없고, 사업소득은 인정이 안되기에 최근에 변경된 지침 상의 점수 미충족으로 일궈논 사업을 접고, 다시 구직비자(D-10) 또는 회사를 찾아서 다른 취업비자 (E-1~E-7)를 준비해야 하는 상황에 몰리게 된 것입니다.

체류자격부여등은 이민행정에서 국가가 주권적인 권력을 행사할 수 있고, 대한민국의 경제적 상황, 사회상황들을 고려하여, 정책을 펴나가야 한다는데는 이견이 없습니다.

다만, 외국인에게 주어진 혜택을 박탈하거나 제한하는 경우에는 고시등을 통해 외국인에게 알리고, 경과규정 등을 통해서 새로운 지침에 적응할 수 있는 기회가 주어져야하는데, 현재 현안이 된 F-2-7비자에서는 안타깝게도 그런 모습을 볼 수가 없었습니다.

좀 더 해당 사안에 대해 고민하고, 좀더 우호적인 이민정책이 고려되었으면 좋겠습니다.

저와 인터뷰한 모든 내용이 담겨있지 않지만 해당 기사를 통해 현재 외국인들에 당면한 모습들을 잘 느끼실 수 있을 것 같습니다.

인터뷰와 기사 작성에 수고해주신 Mr Jon Dunbar님께 감사의 말씀을 드립니다.

중앙대학교 행정대학원 다문화정책학 전공
장만익 행정사

13 Apr 2021

E7-1VISA F2-7VISA F5-10VISA and F5-15VISA Korea Requirements

7 Apr 2021

[한국어출입국강의] F2-3 비자 변경 및 초청과 영주자격 F-5비자 변경 visa in korea 장행닷컴행정사

[한국어출입국강의] F2-3 비자 변경 및 초청과 영주자격 F-5비자 변경 visa in korea 장행닷컴행정사

영주권자의 배우자 비자에 대한 요건 설명과 혜택에 대한 강의입니다.

또한 영주권자의 배우자가 영주자격 (F5-4비자)으로 체류자격변경을 하는 경우의 기본 요건을 설명하였습니다.

여러분들의 "구독"과 "좋아요"는 제게 큰 힘과 동기부여가 됩니다.

더 많은 출입국 강의는 유튜브 채널 또는 장행닷컴행정사사무소의 웹페이지에서 확인해 보실 수 있습니다. 

29 Mar 2021
26 Feb 2021

F2-7 visa & F2-71 visa_Elementary Occupation List(단순 노무직 리스트)

Elementary Occupation List
(단순 노무직 리스트)

**F2-7 visa & F2-71 visa holders shall NOT work in elementary occupations below (5 occupations categories).

Elementary Occupation means mainly done with the use of hand tools and simple and routine tasks that in some cases require considerable physical effort and require almost limited creativity and decision.

According to the Korean standard occupational classification, the following jobs are defined as elementary occupations.

1. Construction and mining related elementary occupations
건설 및 광업 관련 단순 노무직

2. Transport related elementary occupations
제조 관련 단순 노무직

3. Cleaning and guard related elementary occupations
청소 및 경비 관련 단순 노무직

4. Household helpers, cooking attendants and sales related elementary workers
가사, 음식 및 판매 관련 단순 노무직

5. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and other service elementary occupations
농립, 어업 및 기타 서비스 단순 노무직

**However, below occupations are NOT elementary occupations:

Caregiving, Health and Personal Service Workers
돌봄·보건 및 개인 생활 서비스직

Transport and Leisure Services Occupations
운송 및 여가 서비스직

Cooking and Food Service Occupations
조리 및 음식 서비스직

Sales Occupations

Store Sales and Rental Sales Occupations
매장 판매 및 상품 대여직 

 Mobile, Door to Door and Street Sales Related Occupations
통신 및 방문·노점 판매 관련직

Agricultural, livestock, forestry and fishery Skilled Occupations
농업, 축산, 임업, 어업 숙련직

Food Processing Related Trades Occupations
식품가공 관련 기능직 

Textile, Clothing and Leather Related Trade occupations
섬유·의복 및 가죽 관련 기능직 

Wood and Furniture, Musical Instrument and Signboard Related Trade Occupations
목재·가구·악기 및 간판 관련 기능직 

Metal Coremakers Related Trade Occupations
금속 성형 관련 기능직 

Transport and Machine Related Trade Occupations
운송 및 기계 관련 기능직 

Electric and Electronic Related Trade Occupations
전기 및 전자 관련 기능직 

Information and Communications Technology Related Occupations
정보 통신 및 방송장비 관련 기능직  

Construction and Mining Related Trade Occupations
건설 및 채굴 관련 기능직 

Other Technical Occupations
기타 기능 관련직 

Food Processing Related Machine Operating Occupations
식품가공 관련 기계 조작직 

Textile and Shoe Related Machine Operating Occupations
섬유 및 신발 관련 기계 조작직 

Chemical Related Machine Operating Occupations
화학 관련 기계 조작직 

Metal and Nonmetal Related Machine Operating Occupations
금속 및 비금속 관련 기계 조작직 

Machine Production and Related Machine Operating Occupation
기계 제조 및 관련 기계 조작직 

Electrical and Electronic Related Machine Operating Occupations
전기 및 전자 관련 기계 조작직 

Driving and Transport Related Occupations
운전 및 운송 관련직 

Water Treatment and Recycling Related Operating Occupation
상하수도 및 재활용 처리 관련 기계 조작직 

Wood, Printing and Other Machine Operating Occupations
목재·인쇄 및 기타 기계 조작직 &

Manager (관리자), Professional and related workers (전문가 및 관련 종사자), Clerks (사무종사자), Service Workers (서비스 종사자)
18 Feb 2021

F2-7 VISA Korea Extension Points based residency visa extension F2-7비자 연장

12 Feb 2021
12 Feb 2021
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